Tools for integrating Mobile Technology in the classroom
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“Tell me and I forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me and I will understand”
Benjamin Franklin


With the vast amount of resources available, one would assume that engaging students in the digital age would be easy. However, as we know it is not the technology itself that engages the students, rather it is the manner in which technology is used to enhance lessons that has the greatest effect on learning and understanding. Motivation is born of purpose; purpose is established as a result of relevance. Therefore in order for a [[#|student]] to be motivated to learn they need to personally identify a purpose which is meaningful and relevant to them.

Interacting with technology empowers students to make choices, affords them opportunity to dig deeper to create meaning, and more easily allows for cooperation and collaboration.

This Wikispace has been created to provide [[#|technology resources]] from other educators, students, parents, administrators, and community members with which others have found success in the classroom and at home. It is my hope that this space will remain a continual work in progress as we work together to build a library of resources that will assist us in helping our students reach their fullest potential and enjoy every success that life has to offer.

Below is a video relating to the exponential times in which we live, I found it interesting; it is a great introduction for class discussion.

Also please email me if you have found a resource that you feel may be of interest to your fellow educators!

Wiki for [[#|Education]]
Wikis are simple [[#|web pages]] that teachers can easily customize. Wikispaces is fast, free, and easy. Be sure that you [[#|open an account]] for education which is ad free and you will be able to create [[#|student]] accounts as well. Use a Wikispace to post resources for a project, classwork, or so much more!

For visual mapping, outlining, writing, and making presentations. Inspiration software has a fee but you can [[#|download]] a free 30-day trial.

Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators
A categorized list of sites useful for enhancing curriculum and professional growth.

Presents the daily front pages of more than 450 newspapers.

Comic Book Creator
Free tool for making comic books and graphic novels.

Create talking pictures by making the mouth move on a still image. Free.

A free service that allows students to create personalized speaking avatars and use them to blog or create presentations.

Google Lit Trips
Take a virtual field trip to the settings in a variety of classic literature.

Interactive online simulations in math and science for grades 3-12. Fee for service but free 30-day trial is available.

Virtual Manipulatives
A digital library containing activities for K-12 mathematics.

Free multimedia lessons and resources for high school students and teachers.

[[#|e-Learning]] For Kids
Free interactive learning activities through 6th grade in math, science, language arts, and computer skills.

CompassLearning Odyssey
Leveled learning activities and assessment tools accommodating a variety of learning styles. Fee for service.

Cool Tools for [[#|Schools]]
A clearinghouse of Web 2.0 tools in a variety of categories.

Web 2.0 to Go
A selection of online tools and applications on one page.

Noodle Tools
[[#|Free software]] to help students with the research process. Simplifies the process of creating and editing MLA, APA, and Chicago/Turabian style bibliographies.

ThinkMap Visual Thesaurus
A free interactive dictionary and thesaurus, which creates word maps that blossom with meanings and branch to related words.

Animation-ish is an easy-to-use [[#|animation software]] program that inspires creativity and enables children to "show what they know." Free demo.

Bloom’s Taxonomy
An updated version of Bloom’s classification of cognitive domains reflecting relevance to 21st century skills.