Here are some resources for using SMART Technology

The Lesson Activity Tool Kit 2.0
Click on this link for instructions on how to use the Lesson Activity Tool Kit 2.0 in the Gallery in Smart Notebook 10. There is a lot of information here!

Suggested Activities – Self Paced
The lessons listed below are free and self paced. I like them because they offer you the opportunity to review the material, stop the presentation at any point, navigate the topics and revisit sections at any time, and practice while you are learning. There are also two minute videos embedded into some of the lessons.

Visit Smart Learning Space

Sign up for an account.

Once signed in select “Self Paced” from the left menu bar.

Choose Interactive Whiteboard.

Select Getting Started and any others that interest you.


Go back and Choose Smart Notebook 10.

Select Getting Started, Delivering Lessons, and any others that interest you.