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Have you ever tried STORYBIRD?

This is a free collaborative story telling site in which students choose an inllustrator and use the themed pictures as writing prompts to construct a story. The teacher sets up a class account and has control over student login and passwords. This engaging website can help get event the most reluctant writer to become an author. If you are interested in using this program for your class, I will be happy to set up your class and assist in modeling a lesson for your students if you would like. This is really great for collaborating as students can "take turns" contributing to the creation of a story, it has a "read" section for published stories that students can read on line, and writing can be inspired by themes or artists. It is very easy for students to interact with this program. It can be used for any grade level. I am sure you will like it! Click on the picture below to link to the webpage and take a short TOUR of what you can do using StoryBird.